Introducing the SuperNova line of Incinerators:

SuperNova Manufacturing, Inc. has designed six different size models of incinerators.  The SN250 model has a 250 lb. capacity. Small animal veterinarians and the smaller poultry operations utilize this unit.  The SN500 model has the capacity for 500 lbs. of waste material.  The SN500 is very popular among turkey farmers and larger poultry operations. This unit is also the favorite among animal shelters and drug task forces. Our next model is the SN1000 with a weight capacity in the burn chamber of 1000 lbs. The SN1000 is the most popular unit we have for those in the turkey industry. The SN1500 model and the SN2000 model, with capacities of 1500 lbs. and 2000 lbs. respectively, are utilized mostly by meat processors and swine farmers. The SN3000 model has the capacity to hold around 3000 lbs. of waste materials in the burn chamber.  It is the largest incinerator manufactured in a comparable market. The SN3000 has a continuous porch around all four sides that is hinged above the lower burner and the clean out door for easy access. The SN3000 is utilized by state road kill organizations, large meat processors, equine and cattle farmers and building construction sites.

The option of the rollback lid starts with the SN500 model and is offered from this weight capacity through the SN3000, which is our largest model to date. 

SuperNova Incinerators are by far the most efficient in their respective applications.  Once the units are fired with waste materials, swine, cattle, horses, poultry or the remains left from processing, fuel consumption becomes very minimal. The incinerators are using about 45 minutes of fuel during an 8-hour burn. 

Our patented SuperNova Incinerators contain and direct the flow of the heat so that the waste materials inside the incinerator maintain the required temperatures by actually cooking itself.  This allows the customer to save money due to less fuel consumption. 

SuperNova Manufacturing, Inc. has also designed and manufactured mobile units for equine and cattle farmers, mobile veterinarian operations, and drug task force agencies.  We highly recommend diesel-fired burners for the mobile units.  The appropriate generator, diesel tank, trailer size (weight capacity) will be dependent on the size of the incinerator that is being employed.  The trailer, at the customer request, may use a gooseneck hitch or a standard hitch along with the hitch size of choice.

Special fabrications are available upon request.  The exhaust stack of some incinerators may need to be vented through the roof or exiting the side of a structure.  Check with your local authority regarding building codes. The situations can be accommodated through in house or on site fabrications. SuperNova Manufacturing has experienced technicians and welders available at the customer's request.

Incinerators-please take the tour:

  • SN250   INCINERATOR (250lb. capacity)
  • SN500   INCINERATOR (500lb. capacity)
  • SN1000  INCINERATOR (1,000lb, capacity)
  • SN1500  INCINERATOR (1,500lb, capacity)
  • SN2000  INCINERATOR (2,000lb, capacity)
  • SN3000  INCINERATOR (3,000lb, capacity)